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San Antonio DWI Attorneys

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You need aggressive defense to fight the charges you are facing. Whether it’s your first DWI, a serious manslaughter charge, or other criminal accusation. It is vital that you obtain representation from a passionate, knowledgeable, and experiences lawyer who will never back down from a challenge.

DWI laws and tests are not always fair to citizens. With our courtroom and real life experience, the San Antonio DWI defense attorneys at our firm can bring an insight to your case that few other DWI firms can.

Very simply put, we are able to help good people who have found themselves in a bad situation.

Compassionate & Honest Representation

The DWI Sharks at Sanchez Joyner, PLLC believe it’s our responsibility to guide you through the legal process, not only working behind the scenes on your defense, but also keeping you informed of what to expect at every turn. Being accused of a crime can be the scariest moment in a person’s life. As San Antonio criminal defense attorneys, we know how cases work and what to expect in the courtroom, but it’s important to remember that for the client, it’s new, intimidating, and often frightening. For that reason, we take our time explaining each aspect of the legal process, and what is likely to happen next.

We want each and every client to feel confident and informed about their case and our strategy. Call (210) 801-9220 today to schedule your free consultation.

Awards Honors &Accolades

Honest Representation for Favorable Results

The DWI Sharks at Sanchez Joyner, PLLC never lose sight of what is important in every case we take on, your freedom and your future. Because of this, we have been honored for our commitment to our knowledge of the law, insights which give our clients the best possible chance at receiving favorable case resolutions. You can trust our San Antonio criminal defense lawyers to help you when you need it most.

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Integrity, Dedication, Perseverance

Meet The DWI Sharks

At our firm, the more we learn and teach DWI defense, the greater our passion grows. Every time a new client sits down in our office about their experience of being arrested, we are driven to help them by both our knowledge and devotion. We feel a personal stake in every case and it is never “just business” or “just a client.” By the time we finish our work on a case, we want every client to feel proud and satisfied that they chose us as their lawyers.

We know as much, if not more, than arresting officers. As both an American Chemical Society’s Lawyer-Scientist and a former officer and Assistant Criminal District Attorney, we have the insights your case needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Answers You Need from Knowledgeable Attorneys

  • Did you take a field sobriety test?

    It’s critical to understand that you have the right to protect yourself from incrimination and that field sobriety tests are designed to fail you. You CAN politely decline a test and it is in your best interest to do so, as any result can be used as evidence against you later.

  • How much will a DWI cost me?

    Depending on your charge, the costs can be steep. Not only can your license be suspended, but a first offense can come with up to 180 days in jail, and fines of up to $2,000, plus court costs and other fees. The penalties go up from there, and a DWI can end up costing you a lot.

  • Can The DWI Sharks help me?

    Because we stay up-to-date with the latest laws, you can rest easy knowing that you have dedicated professionals on your side. We fight hard for your rights and are available when you need us most. When you need legal help, trust our San Antonio DWI lawyers.

The Results You Need

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    Blood Draw DWI


  • .16

    Blood Draw DWI

    Not Guilty

  • .10

    Breath Test DWI

    Not Guilty

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We Protect Our Clients

The DWI Sharks at Sanchez Joyner, PLLC do things differently. You have immediate and personal access to Dave and Jessica, the actual lawyers who handle your case from start to finish. You should settle for nothing less. The DWI Sharks utilize cutting edge technology and resources to ensure your case is handled efficiently and effectively. Our office provides each client with their own unique username and password that allows them 24 hour access via the internet to our secure database to view important case updates, documents, court dates, and any other vital information related to their DWI or intoxication-related offense.

The key to success in many cases is early preparation. It is crucial to contact us as soon as you become aware of your legal issues. This allows us to begin to prepare your case, locate and preserve the essential evidence, and lay the groundwork for victory.

Benefit from Our Experience:

  • ACS-Chal Lawyer Scientist
  • Trained in Standardized Field Sobriety Test courses
  • Former Assistant Criminal District Attorney
  • Honest representation that never gives false expectations
  • Constantly learning new defense ideas and techniques
  • Former Dallas police officer
  • The combined education, courtroom and real life experience
  • A cutting-edge DWI defense firm available 24/7

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